Where to Find WPS Pin for HP Printer?

Where to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer – The time you connect your HP printer to computer you will get a message ‘Enter WPS pin for HP printer’. If you are trying to setup HP printer on Windows 10, then you might require a WPS pin to sync your printer to your local home network.

But now the question is where to find WPS pin on HP printer? And, why WPS pin is utmost important in HP printer setup?

Let’s find out the answers!

WPS Pin for HP Printer

What is HP Printer WPS Pin?

WPS pin is a unique 8-digit identification number that helps the HP printer to connect with wireless home network. HP printer WPS pin only works with a router. WPS pin is like a password or secret code between your HP wireless printer and the router. The only role of WPS pin is to protect your printer access from outsider or unknow users.

How to and Where to Find WPS Pin on HP Printer?

Here the big question – where I can find WPS Pin for HP printer? In most of the HP printer like Deskjet 2700. WPS Pin is located on the printer screen. If you take a look at your printer small screen you will find WPS key generated.

HP Deskjet 2600 printer, which doesn’t have a screen panel. But still, you need a WPS pin. So, to solve this WPS pin for HP printer Deskjet 2600 printers, we have two easy types of solutions.

Types of WPS Pin for HP Printer

You can option any of these options to connect your HP printer wirelessly to your home network.

  1. button
  2. WPS pin

Connect HP Printer via Push Button

If you HP printer doesn’t have a control panel screen, then you can consider the underneath methods to connect HP printer to your router.

  1. Turn on your printer.
  2. Look for the wireless button or icon on your printer, and then press it.
  3. The blue or green LED starts to blink.
  4. Press the WPS button present at the back or side panel of your existing home WiFi router.
  5. WPS LED starts blinking and wait for 2-3 minutes for both the printer and router to sync up properly.
  6. Now your HP printer is wirelessly connected and ready to print.

Connect HP Printer via WPS Pin

You can consider the WPS button if your printer has a control panel screen.

  1. Turn on your HP printer.
  2. Go to your printer control panel, and then press the wireless button.
  3. The blue LED light starts to blink.
  4. On your printer screen, find the WPS, aka, wireless protected setup option.
  5. Visit WPS, and select WPS pin.
  6. Your printer generates the WPS pin.
  7. Enter the WPS PIN in to your computer.

Congrats, you have successfully generated and set up your HP printer. Now, you can print from any corner of your home. If still you have a few queries in you mind, feel free to ask our experts anytime via live chat support.