How-to: Download and Install Lexmark Printer Driver?

Lexmark is known for its printing and imaging devices. It is also one of the best brands for color laser printers. The company produced some of the amazing multipurpose and compact size printers. You can use them for your house and small business work. They have some of the best all in one printer that is ideal for print, scan, fax, etc. To use the printer with its best, you need to have all the features and drivers complete. So we will now discuss the Lexmark printer driver for Windows 10.

Lexmark printer driver for Windows 10

Is Lexmark printer compatible with Windows 10?

It is a common question because people usually find it challenging to install drivers. If you are searching for Lexmark printer drivers for windows 10, then it is possible drivers may not be immediately available. But we have the solution; until you get the Windows 10 drivers, you can use the Windows 8 or 8.1 drivers.

Another important thing is that Windows 10 mobile is currently not available or supported by the Lexmark printers. You need to determine if the device supports Windows 10 or not.

How do I install a Lexmark Printer Drivers on Windows 10?

To install the Lexmark printer drivers windows 10, you need to follow the given steps.

  1. Go to your system’s start menu and then search for the control panel in the given lit click on the Hardware and Sound. In this, you need to click on the Devices and Printers and click on Add a Printer.
  2. Now click on the “The Printer that I wasn’t listed” and then select “Add a local printer or network printer with the manual setting.”
  3. If you are using ethernet, click on the “Create a new port” and then click on “Standard TCP/IP Port.”
  4. After this, Window will detect the drivers, and you need to enter the hostname and port number.
  5. After that, click on next and select the “Window update” once the update is complete, select the list drivers.
  6. Now give the name to the printer and set it as the default printer.
  7. After completing the configuration, click on the finish, and your printer is ready.

How do I install a Lexmark Printer Drivers without the CD?

You can install Lexmark printer drivers windows 10 with and without CD. The downloading steps are simple; just follow the instructions.

  1. You can download the printer driver from the official website of Lexmark.
  2. You need to give the printer model name and click on download.
  3. Move, as prompted, by the screen; choose your OS and its version.
  4. Now, wait until the download is complete; after that, power ON your printer.
  5. Connect the printer with the computer using a USB cable.
  6. After this, select the install option and check the setup is successful.
  7. This is a process you should follow to install driver visit Lexmark printer support webpage for windows 10.

How do I download my Lexmark printer driver?

It is always best to download drivers rather than using a CD or any other drive. You can download and install Lexmark printer drivers for windows 10 from their official website. Just visit their site and go to the “Drivers and Downloads” section and go to the driver finder.

Find your printer from the list and click on the “Download Driver.” You also need to choose the operating system from the given list along with its version. After this, you will be redirected to the download page and then click on “Download Now.” That’s it just wait for the download to complete and then install the drivers. This is the simple process to download the Lexmark printer drivers windows 10.

How to set up Lexmark Printer Driver on Windows 10?

Before we start, you need to download the Lexmark printer drivers windows 10. To do that, you can use two methods:

With CD or without a CD. If you want to install the drivers without a CD, then use the above-given method. To complete the installation and setup with the CD, you just need to insert the CD into the drive and run the setup. This will work automatically, and after installation, you can proceed further.


These are some of the best methods that you can use to download and install Lexmark printer driver for Windows 10. You just need to follow the instruction carefully, and you can easily complete the setup.