Fix: Brother Printer Won’t Print Black

Is Brother printer not printing properly? Is your Brother printer won’t print anything? Or your Brother printer won’t print black? Not to worry. It is a common issue with Brother doesn’t print black. Let’s consider the reasons that stop Brother printer from printing black, followed by the necessary fixes.

Overall, Brother printers are very reliable and easy to use. If you use the printer regularly and correctly, then very few issues will occur. Brother printers perform well with genuine ink cartridges. If you are using compatible ink cartridges, you might struggle with Brother printer won’t print black issues.

Brother Printer Won't Print Black

What Won’t Cause Brother Printer Print Black?

There are relatively few scenarios that might stop your Brother printer won’t print black. Here are some of the main reasons that include a few things to check before performing any solution.

Important Note: Mostly, the printer won’t issue arise when you install new cartridges.

  • Check the ‘Breather Tape’
  • Make sure your new cartridge ink is not dry
  • Check the quality of ink
  • Impartial Brother printer setup
  • The faulty or weak purge pump
  • Faulty purge seals
  • Damaged data cable
  • Clogged nozzle

How to Fix Brother Printer Won’t Print Black?

If your printer suddenly stops to print black, then consider the following steps:

  1. Check your printer’s breather tape. Make sure that it’s not been removed entirely from the top.
  2. Ensure that you have installed the new cartridge correctly into your printer.
  3. Try to run a minimum of two nozzles clean. After that, perform the print test to check if your printer is printing black color or not.
  4. Try to print a few solid black images into the highest DPI mode to check the print quality. They make sure that all the nozzles are printing and push the ink out of the print head.

If none of the steps mentioned above help you fix the issue, try to use a printhead cleaning kit or get in touch with our experts through our toll-free number +1-866-869-0554.

Shield Your Printer from Black Ink Issue

Prevention is better than cure. So, consider the following methods to avoid printer won’t print black issue.

  • Take Prints Regularly: Printing regularly prevents your ink from drying and keeps the ink flowing through the printhead. Printing once a month eventually dry out and block the fine nozzles.
  • Prefer Genuine Ink Cartridges: Using a high-quality generic cartridge helps you to utilize a quality ink, which allows to formulates both high-quality printouts and correct viscosity, which will not block the print nozzles.
  • Ensure that the printer isn’t placed at a hot location: If you have put your Brother printer into direct sunlight or any warm place, then it’s quite likely that ink may congeal. By moving the printer to a decent place helps you to prevent issues from occurring.

Wrap Up

So, these are the following methods to fix and shield your Brother printer black ink issue. If you still face any problem, get in touch with our experts through our toll-free number +1-866-869-0554.